Craft Beer and Wine Bar

  • Up to 4 kinds of beer.
  • Up to 6 kinds of wine.
  • Sparkling lemonade and iced tea.
  • Coffee with condiments.
  • Bar top containers and ice.
  • All drinkware.
  • Ice water table service.



   Signature Cocktail

  • One or two custom, signature cocktails, served during cocktail hour or all night.
  • Up to 4 kinds of beer.
  • Up to 6 kinds of wine.
  • Sparkling lemonade and iced tea.
  • Coffee with condiments.
  • All drinkware.
  • Ice water table service.

Ah, love. We adore weddings. Over the years, we have pinpointed the elements that make weddings truly shine: personal menus, warm service, food that sings the flavors of the season, beverages created by passionate people, charming decor. Each couple is truly unique to us and we measure our success by how much you love your big day. We love the thrill of a wedding and know that whether you have a tiny budget or a luxurious one, we can make it magical for you.

Please scroll though this entire page to see how the elements of a wedding reception work. The answer to 'How much will catering cost?' lies in exactly four elements: food, bar, service and rentals. We strive to help identify which element is most important to you, so you know where to spend your money.

Part one: choose your food



  • We offer passed appetizers or set-out appetizers at the same price.
  • Passed appetizers are things like flatbreads, skewers, crostini, meatballs, sliders, canapes.
  • Set out appetizers are artisan cheese or meat displays, often set near the bar.
  • Includes ceramic platters, baskets, wood slab boards and serving tongs.
  • Can also be served as a late night snack, after 10:00pm.


  • Between three and five items. You choose your combination of main dishes, sides and salads. 
  • Artisan bread basket is included in every buffet.
  • Plates are set at place settings along with flatware and napkin.
  • Tables are excused in order to keep lines from forming. Buffet is double sided.
  • Great for large groups and guests with many different eating preferences.
  • Buffet can be set up anywhere.
  • Chafing dishes, ceramic platters, baskets and serving pieces included. We have two styles of serving wares: vintage and clean contemporary.


Family Style

  • Plate of artisan bread and butter on each guest table.
  • Choose from these forms of family style service:   1)Three items all at the same time.                 2)Plated salad, followed by two courses, with five items total.                 3)Family style salad followed by two courses, four items total.       
  •  Family style requires private work space at the venue, adequate counter space or work tables. 
  • Includes family style serving dishes and pieces.




  • Plated salad, choice between two main course plates and plated dessert.
  • Best for events with 20-60 guests.
  • Private work space and work tables required.
  • Wine pairing available.


  • Mini desserts set on buffet or dessert table:tarts, bar cookies, sandwich cookies, mini pies, macarons.
  • Sheet cakes, cut up in back.
  • Full size seasonal pies and mini pies.
  • Plated desserts like fruit shortcakes, cookies and ice cream, panna cotta.
  • Ice cream bar, with cones or cups- we scoop.



Part two: Your Bar

Question: Can we bring our own beer, wine or liquor for you to serve at our wedding?


If we are providing bartending services for you, all alcohol needs to be purchased from us.



Question: We would like a more elaborate bar, or we insist on bringing our own alcohol. Can we use another bar service?


Absolutely! We love working alongside other bartending professionals.  We recommend the following bartending businesses:


Mint and Mirth              Perfect Pour (Bridal Veil Lakes Weddings)


Merit Badge              My Bartender

Question: What about food allergies, vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, paleo and other diet restricted guests?

We are happy to make a special plate for any guest that we are informed of before the event. Most of our cooking is gluten free (except for bread on the side, or pasta). Since our food is made from scratch, we know exactly what our ingredients are and we will gladly answer any question from allergic guests.


Question: What about children?

Along with eating what the adults are having, we provide snacks and juice boxes at the bar during the entire event for kids. We charge $5. per child aged 3-10.                                                    

Question: What about our vendors?

 We charge $9. for a vendor meal. Vendors eat in the kitchen, or back room, after the guests have eaten.          

Part three: choose your service

Full Service

What we do:                              Place settings at tables, all food set up and service, bussing, cleaning kitchen area, pulling linens at end of event, all recycling and trash.

What you do:                    

Table and chair set up.      

Place linens and decor on tables.                                             Haul decor away at end of event.           



Miscellaneous Fees

  • Travel fee outside of Portland: $20-$60
  • BBQ hauling: $50
  • Trash and recycling hauling: $50




Limited Service

What we do:                                Place settings, all food set up and service, bussing dishes. Clean up of kitchen area. We then leave before the party is over.

What you do:

Table and chair set up.

Place linens and decor on tables.

Set up and maintain your bar.

Complete clean up at end of your event.

You may also choose to have your guests bus their own tables.

Extended Service

What we do:                                                All table and chair set up, place linens, set place settings at tables, all food set up and service, bussing, cleaning kitchen area, pulling linens at end of event, breaking down tables and chairs, recycling and trash.

What you do:                                               Provide linens, placement of decor and hauling of decor.

Services we do not provide

  • We do not offer linen, table or chair rentals.
  • While we do spot clean and sweep any messes we make,  we do not mop the floor of the event space.
  • We do not service bathrooms.

Question: How do we go about renting linens, since you do not offer linen rental?

  1. Decide  the number and sizes of tables you need for your party. Your venue should have a complete list of tables available with your rental.
  2. Choose any well known party rental company (like The Party Place or Barclays), go to their showroom or look at online catalogues. Pick out the linens you like and put down your reservation.
  3. On the day of your wedding, have them delivered by the rental company or have some one pick them up for you. Your wedding coordinator, friend or family member with a big empty trunk can do it. When the party is over, the used linens go in the linen bags provided by the rental company, and back in to the trunk of the person who brought them. Or, the rental company returns and picks them up, usually the day after the wedding.
  4. Alternatively, you can purchase your linens online. Then, when your wedding is done, sell your linens on Ebay or Craigslist.

       Part four: table ware rentals

Our standard table ware rental service includes simple restaurant wares. We do not charge additional delivery because we bring these items to the venue ourselves. We do not offer any table, chair or linen rentals. You will need to rent your own table cloths and napkins according to your decor scheme. While we love the artistry of a beautifully decorated party, we prefer to focus on making excellent food and serving it with a smile.

Buffet, with dessert

  • Includes dinner plate, dessert plate, dinner fork, knife and dessert fork.
  • Bright white plates and medium weight stainless steel flatware.
  • $2.50 per person


Family style or plated, with dessert

  • Includes up to three plates (dinner, salad, dessert), 2 dinner forks, dinner knife, dessert fork.           
  • Bright white plates and medium weight stainless steel flatware.
  • $3.50 per person

Question: We have a very specific decor scheme and we would like to rent our own dishes, flatware and glassware. How does that work?

Beautifully! We would be happy to set up and take good care of anything you rent, rack it and stack it at the end of the event. Just have the rental company deliver and pick up. We follow the directions of your wedding coordinator to set your place settings as you wish.

Steps to Working with Us

1- Read this website and if you feel we are a good fit for you, fill out our contact form. You must have  your date and venue secured first.


2-Set up an introductory, face to face meeting with Jamie. This should be attended by both of you. It will take two hours. You will then be sent your custom menu, quote and the contract, which will hold your date. You do not need to put a deposit down at this point.


3-Tastings are optional. Tastings can be scheduled during the months of January to the end of May, on Mondays or Tuesdays. You may also request bottles of our wines.


4-Planning meeting: planning meetings may take place at the venue, if we're not familiar with the space. The planning meeting should be attended by your day-of wedding coordinator. At this meeting, the timeline is discussed, a table map is agreed on and any questions are addressed.  A face-to-face meeting is not required. But the planning will continue via email and we will need to be in touch with your day-of coordinator to make sure all details are understood.


5-One month prior to your wedding: make your final menu choices and pay your deposit, which is half of the total.


6-One week prior to your wedding: give us your final guest count. This is the number you are charged for, no matter how many people show up. Once you give us the final guest count, your bill is set and will not change.


Question: Do we really need a day-of wedding coordinator?

Resoundingly, absolutely, unquestionably YES. Your coordinator does not necessarily have to be a professional, but cannot be your mother or any other close relative. They need to be sober, detail oriented, familiar with weddings, able to communicate and prepared to work for 12 hours on the day of your wedding. They are the first person to arrive at your venue and one of the last to leave. It is hard physical, emotional and mental work. The wedding coordinator can make or break your entire party, especially if you are on a tight time line. If you want to relax on your wedding day and you want things to smoothly run on time, you should hire a professional.

Luke and Corinna at their dinner. Bench: Commonwealth. Venue: Jacobsen Salt co. Flowers: Selva. Photo: Maria Lamb
Mango, cucumber, cashew salad. Photo Maria Lamb.

Question: What about gratuity?

We automatically add 18% gratuity on your total bill. The gratuity is split among anyone serving at your wedding, both servers and bartenders. If you enjoy the service and would like to give more, you can do so in cash or along with your final payment.


Question: Do we need to put down a deposit to hold our date?

No. After the planning meeting, which happens in person (or by an extensive email questionnaire if you can't meet in person), we will send you your custom quote and menu. We will hold your date by the quote, unless and until you tell us otherwise.

Your deposit, which is half of your total, will be due a month before your wedding.

You may pay your deposit early, if you wish. If your wedding is cancelled, for any reason, we will refund your deposit. Otherwise, there are no refunds on your deposit.

Arugula, roasted red peppers, cucumber, fresh corn with toasted chile and cumin vinaigrette. Photo Ryan Fish
Roasted sweet potato pilaf with red quinoa, black lentils, lime, scallions. Photo Gabriel Boone.
Bartender Colin serving wine during dinner at Gorge Crest. River Hood rentals. Photo: Jonas Seaman
Black cherry amaretto cake with fresh whipped cream. Photo Maria Lamb.
Pole beans, corn, squash. Photo Simply Splendid.
Buffet with vintage serving pieces. Photo Gabriel Boone
Erin and Paul with their guests in an orchard. Photo Luke and Mallory
Gorgeous bouquet by Form and Line Design. Chair Commonwealth. Photo Luke and Mallory.
Heirloom potatoes with indian spices, chick peas, mint and cilantro. Family style. Photo Maria Lamb.
Luke and Corinna's table featured flowers by Selva, plates by Commonwealth. Venue; Jacobsen Salt Co. Photo Maria Lamb.
Photo Shelby Brakken

At photo left, you can see  our standard place settings.

All purpose wine glass, 8oz. water glass, salad and dinner forks, dinner knife and bright white plate.

The couple chose dove gray linens, sewed their own cotton napkins and designed a printed menu. We poured  red lambrusco for their toast, which they chose to have at the beginning of dinner. The clear red of the wine really accented the vibrant yellow, orange and red of the dahlias on the table.

Beecher's Flagship. Photo Mosca Studio.
Photo by Luke and Mallory
Arugula, black plum, chevre salad with wild honey vinaigrette. Photo Simply Splendid.
Photo Maria Lamb
Cucumbers, ling cod, horseradish aioli, Jacobsen green matcha sea salt, chives. Photo Maria Lamb.
Devilled eggs with crab. Photo Maria Lamb
The Lamb's Table offers two kinds of bars at wedding receptions.



Thank you for your interest in our services.  We are no longer booking new clients for 2017. We will begin booking 2018 in September 2017.